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Welcome to Scholarply (Beta)

We're excited to give you an early look at our core technology, designed to automate the scholarship application process for students like you.


In this Beta phase, you'll be able to:


1. Input your background and resume for a tailored list of scholarships.

2. Scholarply will generate application material that optimizes your chances of winning based on your profile.

3. Submit the applications for you upon your approval. Note, that some of the scholarships will require you to submit via your email (we will send you the necessary application information after you press Submit). Other scholarships will be automatically submitted for you without any additional steps.


Your insights are precious to us as we gear up to expand our scholarship variety, enhance our user interface, and quicken our service for Scholarply Beta V2, in November 2023. As early adopters, we will make sure you continue to have free access to our service, so you can continue to qualify for new scholarships.


If you have any suggestions or ideas to make Scholarply even better, we'd be thrilled to hear from you. Please answer the survey at the end of your trial, or send an email to to connect with us.

Thank you for joining us on this journey to eliminate financial barriers to education and transform students into scholars.


The Scholarply Team

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